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Establishing Validity and Reliability To appreciate the concepts of validity and reliability and how you might establish them, consider how you would behave as a juror deliberating in a criminal trial. If your pedagogical opponents can find fatal flaws in your action research data, all future efforts at persuasion become that much more difficult.

Relevance Does the work address your research question. Oh look, it tells me to click on the links on the right side bar to begin. Have the authors documented their own sources. To get students thinking, you might discuss the differences between some of the following types of information: This is to ensure that all students are engaged.

Identify the most reliable sources of information to support a research topic. How Can We Fight Back. We asked group A about the layout of their pages, accessibility of content, and so forth.

Hoax or No Hoax? Strategies for Online Comprehension and Evaluation

Find it on the internet - introduce pupils to the basic ways of searching for information and how to keep safe on the internet How to Evaluate Web Resources - a visual guide to evaluating sources on the web Looking in books - develop pupils' understanding of how different types of books contain specific information, and of the ways in which information is organized in books, including lists of contents, chapter overviews, advance organizers and indexes Quality Information Check List -a resource to help young people evaluate the information they find on the Internet.

A website that has very few links to it from other websites may not be legitimate and the nature of the websites that link to it can also give clues to legitimacy. Is the author strongly committed to a viewpoint espoused in the work.

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One of the great accomplishments of the modern assessment movement has been drawing teacher attention to the value of authentic work products. Adapt as you see fit for your class.

Historical Thinking Skill of Source Reliability

Point out to them what makes a site good and what makes it questionable. I usually begin reading the main body of the website the middle portion. The better you can blur the lines between fact and faux, the harder the game becomes.

Magazines, newspapers and publishing houses may have directors or sponsors who support a particular viewpoint. Students can then follow up with a complete evaluation. However, it has quickly been embraced by the general public.

The Tower of Power: Is only one side of the argument presented. For example, how should we react to the use of a written lab report as a means to assess student understanding of the scientific method. This TLD is generally used by universities and other formal educational institutions.

There are many things to consider when trying to discern if a source is reliable or not. Use the Google Slideshow below to learn more about assessing a source's credibility using the CABLES method.

CABLES stands for Currency, Authority, Bias, Level, End-Goal, and Support. Worksheet for Source Credibility. Frontier Middle School Website Evaluation Worksheet Directions: Answer the questions below for any website not on the approved list for your class.

If you find that the site is reliable, attach this completed sheet to the colored notesheet for the source. Is Wikipedia A Reliable Source In this paper I will be discussing the debate between pro Wikipedia’s Dwight Reed, and Rachel R.

Web Hunt: Questions About Drugs, Answers from Science

Wright, and con Wikipedia’s Nicole Irwin, Michelle Douglas, and Ivy Leigh. University of Phoenix Material Reliable Sources Worksheet Locate three sources in the University Library on a topic of your choice.

Provide the required information for each sources.

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Evaluating Reliable Sources. This lesson, part of the Digital Literacy series, addresses the importance of locating and verifying reliable sources when working with online information. Have students work in partnerships or small groups to complete the Choosing Reliable Sources Venn diagram worksheet comparing and contrasting the sources.

Reliable and Unreliable Sources Resource: “Internet Research Tips” by Grace Fleming Whenever sources must be used for writing academic papers, such as research papers, reliable sources must be used to validate or support your ideas. Some sources are.

The Reliable/Unreliable Narrator Reiliable sources worksheet
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