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Verisimilitude Something that has the appearance of being true or real. Does not assume character's perspective and is not a character in the story. Anastrophe is a form of literary device wherein the order of the noun and the adjective in the sentence is exchanged.

The tragic irony is found in tragedies such as Oedipus Rex, in which Oedipus ironically ends up hunting himself.

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The Wicked Witch of the West went her own way. However, Latin in medieval Europe and Sanskrit in ancient India were considered much more suitable for First literary device paper, scholarship, poetry, and religious texts than the common tongue of everyday people even though or perhaps because only a small percentage of the learned could read the older languages.

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Structure fiction - The way that the writer arranges the plot of a story. You could go as far as talking about the corruption that comes with power and a lot of side-tracks that you can explore.

Ambiguity 1 A statement that has two or more possible meanings; 2 a statement whose meaning is unclear. Not to be confused with anthropomorphism. In standard parlance and writing the adjective comes before the noun but when one is employing an anastrophe the noun is followed by the adjective.

The final lines of the conclusion can just as well include a personal opinion on the literary work backed-up by some external sources.

It's among the oldest and wisest OWLs. Point of View - pertains to who tells the story and how it is told. A persona is a separate self, created by and distinct from the author, through which he or she speaks.

This flaw may be a result of bad character, bad judgment, an inherited weakness, or any other defect of character.

When a plain sentence is too abrupt and fails to convey the full implications desired, amplification comes into play when the writer adds more to the structure to give it more meaning. An antithesis plays on the complementary property of opposites to create one vivid picture.

Synecdoche When one uses a part to represent the whole. A recurring important idea or image. A protagonist who comes to a bad end as a result of his own behavior, usually cased by a specific personality disorder or character flaw.

Also refers directly to a description thereof. Usually a rhetoric device, an allegory suggests a meaning via metaphoric examples. I asked him if he would show me around the shrine. For example, a Shakespearean sonnet is a line poem written in iambic pentameter.

When a plain sentence is too abrupt and fails to convey the full implications desired, amplification comes into play when the writer adds more to the structure to give it more meaning.

Where sounds are spelled out as words; or, when words describing sounds actually sound like the sounds they describe. Aphorism A brief saying embodying a moral, a concise statement of a principle or precept given in pointed words.

Since the eighteenth century, however, poets have been incorporating all kinds of diction in their work and so there is no longer an automatic distinction between the language of a poet and the language of everyday speech Enjambment A line having no pause or end punctuation but having uninterrupted grammatical meaning continuing into the next line — usually applied to poetic formats.

When discussing or analyzing setting, it is generally insufficient to merely identify the time and place; an analysis of setting should include a discussion of its overall impact on the story and characters. I had committed myself to doing it when I sent for the rifle. But most of the literary essays that are handed out by teachers nowadays will require you to do an extensive research and also use opinions from experts and other sources.

After amplification- The thesis paper was difficult: By using an analogy we can convey a new idea by using the blueprint of an old one as a basis for understanding.

Whether they are words or phrases of the same sentence, an antithesis is used to create a stark contrast using two divergent elements that come together to create one uniform whole. Usually a rhetoric device, an allegory suggests a meaning via metaphoric examples.

Where an author interrupts a story in order to explain something, usually to provide important background information.

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Alliteration is a literary device where words are used in quick succession and begin with letters belonging to the same sound group. Whether it is the consonant sound or a specific vowel group, the alliteration involves creating a repetition of similar sounds in the sentence.

Alliteration is a literary device in which two or more consecutive words, or words that are nearby in the same sentence, start with the same letter.

The first literary device used is personification. An example from the text of personification is, “Justice bends the arrow at your heart.” In The Hand That Signed The Paper, Thomas.

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Literary devices like metaphor, simile, and repetition are used in literature to convey a special meaning to the reader. Often these devices are used to make an idea clearer, emphasize a point, or relate an insight to the reader.

An essay is a short form of literary composition based on a single subject matter, and often gives the personal opinion of the author.

A famous English essayist, Aldous Huxley defines essays as, “a literary device for saying almost everything about almost anything. Literary Analysis: Using Elements of Literature Students are asked to write literary analysis essays because this type of assignment encourages you to think about how and why a poem, short story, novel, or play was written.

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