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It is like looking for cloud creatures. Patterned brayers with concentrated watercolor rolled over paper. On each page have them predict what is going to move on the page.

Each class period, each table would put their wet paintings in their designated area by table in the Drying Rack. Which day did the caterpillar eat the most food. I LOVE doing this project each year.

Teachers should select activities from each of these categories as they will build off each other and create an integrated unit. It is the perfect culminating project that connects reading, writing, and art.

What characters or animals in the book. Style[ edit ] Eric Carle's art is distinctive and instantly recognizable. I have done this in two different ways.

He is able to produce different textures by using various brushes to splash, spatter and fingerpaint acrylic paints onto thin tissue papers. The Mixed Up Chameleon Students use their imaginations to turn their own chameleon into an animal.

20 Eric Carle Crafts for Kids

Cat, cat, what do you hear. Did students create a variety of textured papers using various methods presented. We didn't put any names on papers which drives a few of them crazy the next class period because they are searching for "theirs".

She will share her diary entry example with students and model a think aloud to show students what she was thinking about as she wrote the example.

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They could experiment decorating their papers with patterns, dots swirls, etc. If you are working with younger students the same results could be obtained by photocopying pictures of the animals represented in the book and having them glue the pictures on a larger piece of paper.

After the closing discussion, the teacher will call for each table color to line up for lunch. In this story children get a sense of how long it would take to make pancakes if you needed to gather all the ingredients, from scratch, from a farm.

Eric Carle Author Study

The children will need to paint the liquid glue onto the white construction paper and then glue down a sheet of tissue paper. Children can learn how seeds travel, germinate and grow to produce new seeds.

Chart the predictions on a white board or piece of chart paper. This is a perfect example of how Eric Carle uses non-fiction information to inspire his fictional stories.

Eric Carle Writing Unit of Study

Encourage them to keep track of the colors that are being produced to ensure enough of each color are made. Be sure to watch the full video for instructions on how to play the Art game with friends. This is an easy Surrealist art project for kids. Today is Eric Carle ’ s birthday! In case you don ’ t know who I ’ m talking about, he is the author of many beloved children ’ s books.

In honor of his birthday (and to provide you with an awesome resource!) I am sharing nearly activities to go along with Eric Carle ’ s books!

Caterpillar Exchange

There are so many neat ideas here, so stay awhile and check out these fabulous ideas! Keep track of chores at home or student behavior or activities in the classroom with this oversized Eric Carle reward chart. Using stickers or check marks allows a visual indicator of how well a child is doing and provides incentive for getting their work done.

Construct amazing topic lessons about food, counting and days of the week with our huge range of resources on the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle for KS1 students. Featuring counting and addition activities, Hungry Caterpillar crafts, colour sequences, matching activities and more.

Teaching with Favorite Eric Carle Books: Creative Activities for Exploring the Themes in These Popular Books and for Building Skills in Writing, Math, by Novelli Joan () Paperback [Novelli Joan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying hazemagmaroc.coms: 4.

Jul 03,  · TEN different activities, games, and crafts to use with Eric Carle's book "Ten Little Rubber Ducks" (In this based-on-real-events story, a shipping crate containing ten rubber duck toys spills into the Zucchini Summer.

Eric Carle has written and illustrated another book! The Nonsense Show is written to introduce children to Surrealism. Completely nonsensical, the beautiful illustrations will capture the heart of preschoolers while the concept will boggle the minds of everyone else.

Eric carle writing activities
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+ Eric Carle Activities and Crafts for Kids!